Win $100 With Anthony Lima Weekday Mornings

Anthony Lima is giving away $100 every weekday morning!

All you have to do is listen to 92.3 The Fan, weekday mornings during the 6 am hour, and listen for Anthony’s cue to call.

Be the correct caller, and you’ll win $100!

It’s all from sports radio 92.3 The Fan.


Contest Date Range: March 5, 2018 6:00am – March 30, 2018 10:00am
Contest Rules:
For the On-Air: Cash Giveaway, listen to 92.3 The Fan weekdays only from Monday, March 5th, 2018 through Friday, March 30th, 2018 between 6:00am and 10:00am ET for the cue to call. The correct caller at 216-578- 0090 will receive a $100 check. Retail value is $100.00 per winner. Otherwise, the WKRK general contest rules apply and are available by clicking HERE.

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Where To Get Affordable Apartments In Silver Spring Maryland

If you go to Silver Spring in Maryland, and you start looking for a place to live, you might want to start with apartments. It’s actually very easy to locate these businesses, and you should be able to find a company that will help you out. It is possible that these apartment complexes will have special deals offered to first-time apartment renters. Others may have just opened up their apartment complex, and they need to fill everything up. Here is how you can get affordable apartments in Silver Spring Maryland that will be just right for you.

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Why People Travel To Maryland

Being able to take a trip to Maryland can be exciting for a lot of reasons. The problem is not many people can think about why they would want to travel here, outside of going to Washington D.C. By knowing about some of the reasons why you should be traveling here it will be easy for you to see Maryland is a great state for you to travel to and has plenty of things for you to do when you are looking for a great vacation destination spot for your entire family.

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Where Should You Live in Maryland?

When it comes to overall area, Maryland is among the smallest of all of the 50 states. Something that is interesting, however, is the fact that it is densely populated. With some 6 million people who call Maryland home, it’s easy to see that it is a place that has much to offer to those who want to get started in life, build a family or even retire.

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Maryland is one of those states that you are going to want to travel to because it is going to be a beautiful state to go to and a place that for its size has plenty of attractions. This is when you should know about the top Maryland attractions that you are going to want to see. Here are the top three attractions for you to enjoy and know that your trip to Maryland will be great.

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What Should You See in Maryland?

Are you considering taking a vacation to the Northeast United States? If you are, be sure you turn your sites to Maryland. It not only offers much to those who are looking for the perfect getaway, it is also an excellent place to put down roots and start a family. When visiting Maryland, either as an outsider or from somebody who lives within the state, here are some of the things that should not be missed.

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